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tv   News4 Today  NBC  August 15, 2014 6:00am-6:21am EDT

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another war main break. the impact it's having on homeowners an whether it will force you to find a new route to work. and protesters gathering in the streets of ferguson again overnight as missouri's governor takes drastic measures to ease tensions. first you might think we've jumped ahead a few months. falllike weather arriving in the d.c. area. >> tom kierein here now with more on the cold temperatures. closer to washington, just in the low 50s. loudoun, much of prince william and fauquier. reagan national at 63. near 60 much of prince george's county and near the bay.
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much of fairfax county mid and upper 50s. your weather headlines for this friday, yes, a long sleeve morning. might even need a jacket for the next couple of hours. then you'll be comfortable sleeve last this afternoon as we warm up. cooler than average weather again today. we've also been a bit drier than average, as well. 5% 45% about of the summer, we have been below average for fallrain and temperatures. walking or driving, your commute should be dry with sunshine. upper 50s. between 8:00 and 10:00, jumping into the 60s with bright sunshine. coming up next, a look at the hour by hour temperature changes through the afternoon. it is now 6:02. and right now we're learning new information about a water main break in prince george's county. crews are on the scene at larchmont avenue off marlboro pike. derrick ward is live there with
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more. >> reporter: good morning. we have a little bit more information. you take a look, you can see creep. this was an 8 inch water main break break. they got it shut down. but the cops quensequences are here. you can see the size of the hole, we're told 35 customers have been impacted. i just talked to one person who was leaving who said that he had a friend that lived down there with a flooded basement. unofficial word that at least three homes are affected by this. most of the water is gone from the streets, so with to know the catch basins are working. but again 35 customers impacted on larchmont. crews on the scene, they will get to the hole, try to repair that water main. we don't know yet how long the folks will be impacted, but of course some folks will be waking up this morning without water here in this area of capitol heights. derrick ward, news 4.
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back to you. this latest water main break comes just hours after we learned a boil water order was lifted in prince george's county. the reason the advisory was issued in the first place, right here. crews had to repair a water main break in brandy wine. but water tests came back clean. officials advise you to still flush your water lines before you drink the water again. for more on your commute, shear alexis davies with traffic. the earlier accident inner loop has been cleared. all lanes open. elsewhere d.c. 295 looking slow approaching pennsylvania avenue. about 35. but no reports of incidents. maryland outer loop of the beltway, all lines open. the orange, blue and silver lines are single tracking right now between eastern market and stadium ar you can expect delays in both directions on orange, silver and blue. and then again orange, silver
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and blue single tracking between foggy bottom and mcpherson due to a track problem. back to you. today we came learn the name of the officer that shot michael brown to death in missouri. meanwhile there is relief in that city this morning in ferguson for the first time last night's protests did not turn violent. huge crowds still took to the streets there to demand justice for the shooting of unarmed teen by a white officer. last night people were seen shaking hands with troopers, even hugging the captain who is now in charge of the security effort who is also from that area. michael brown's death has caused a national outcry. horn more than 100 cities observed a national moment of silence. in brown's home state, protestors gathered at the arch. people in chicago pledged to
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stand with the city of ferguson. protesters did the same this portland, oregon and from los angeles to north carolina, people wore red in a show of solidarity. don't shoot was the message for protesters here at home. hundreds marched from malcolm x park to the steps of the national portrait gallery. the diverse group was united in one cause, to express their outrage over the shooting of an unarmed 18-year-old teen. >> lives of young black men matter. and when they are unarm ed and when they are interacting with police, they should not have to worry about whether they have a target on their book. >> they also honored the work of a grad wounded during protests in perfecting soferguson. coming up, jay gray will be live on the ground there. if you have to get going, you can stay with news 4 all day and follow the developments on twitter and facebook.
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and you can done load the app for updates about the situation in ferguson. this morning investigators are trying to figure out what caused the ground to collapse trapping two workers in a trench. the men were working on the found days of a home. at some point the ground shifted you c trapping them in mud. a woman who lives next door helped emergency responders get to the scene. >> i am very relieved, i'm really happy they got out. i just hope that everything from here on is smooth sailing and i hope everything is fine. but i'm first and foremost flgl they're out and going well so far. >> both men are expected to be okay. the rescue took about 2 1/2 hours. i'm angie goff at the live desk with breaking news out of montgomery county. we have a news 4 crew on the way to the scene of a two story
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fire. is this a house fire, hearing it's a cape cod style home. smoke and flames pouring out of it. this is at the intersection of kansas city and allegheny avenue in the area of takoma park. first they said there was a residence unaccounteded for and we just learned in the last couple minutes that they have talked for the son of the man in his 90s that lived in the home and that man is safe in virginia. so good news there. but meanwhile, firefighters on the scene at kansas avenue and allegheny trying to get the fire under control. if you drive around the area, take note you might need to find an alternate route. back to you. dangerous mixup. the mistake made by a restaurant employee that landed one of their customers in the hospital with severe internal burns. a taste of fall as you step out the door. the impact the cool start will have on the rest of your day with your hour by hour forecast. but first, bad timing.
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apparently there seems to be a connection between your biological clock and an actual ticking clock. the new study says the continuing sound speeds up your rerow d reproductive timing. researchers questioned men and women about when they want to marry and have kids. experts say the ticking sound made people think about the passage of time. men were not affected. the study is in the journal human nature. >> you're right.
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clock won't do it for me. learn something new every day. if you're eating your cereal, you might want to put down your spoon and stop eating. according to pest control company orkin, flies are worse for your health than cockroaches. we won't get into the specifics of what the flies carry around. it's gross. trust us on that. a recent survey that says 61% of people said they would stop eating if they saw a roach while just 3% said they would do the same with a fly. orkin says it should be the other way around. >> and this beautiful weather, and you can't do anything about the flies. >> if you see a fly, you shoo it and keep eating. at least i do. apparently roaches are cleaner. go figure. tom, we'll be eating outside
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today. >> there is a peaches and cream sub rise understand way. the live view from the tower camera, sun coming up at 6:22. right now at reagan, temperature at 63 with a clear sky. and we'll stay in the low 60s in the metro area. but 50s either whelsewhere. by mid afternoon, hitting the low 80s. dramatic jump from where we are now. wig chan big change for the weekend, a look at that at 6:21. problems on metro this morning. orange, silver and blue lines are single tracking this morning between eastern market and stadium armory. expect delays in both directions. and again all three lines sink dell tracking between foggy bottom and mcpherson. back to you. school supplies aren't the only thing you'll be paying for as your kids head back to school. what you can expect to spend on all those extracurricular activities and how you can
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budget for them. plus losing more than just his shirt. the fallout after this runner's show boating on the way to the finish line.
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we're staying on top of a water main break in prince george's county. you're look at a live picture. wssc telling news 4 it's an 8 inch main that broke affecting 35 customers and flooding three homes. this is on larchmont avenue. derrick ward is on the scene gathering more information. he'll have a live report coming up in the next half hour. we now though battled early stage parkinsons disease. his wife said he had not been ready to share his diagnosis publicly. he battled addiction, but was
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sober when he was found dead on monday. michael j. fox said stunned to learn robin had parkinson's disease. a true friend, i wish him peace. fox is one of the most well-known faces of the december seize. he's lived with parkinson's for the last 20 years. and there is no cure. but there is medicine to manage the symptoms. m parkins parkinson's target the nervous system. nbc 4 is committed to bringing awareness to depression and other mental health issues. you can logon to for more resources and information. we're following breaking news out of takoma park. we know the exact address where that house is on fire. this in the 6500 block of kansas avenue and allegheny avenue. we know this is a two story
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house, a cape cod style home. chopper 4 capturing the rising smoke above the trees. pretty heavy. so emergency response on the ground trying to fight the flames still coming out of the house. good news, no reports of any injuries. the elderly man who lives here is out of town. so we will continue to follow this and let's you know how it will impact those of you you who live around here. meanwhile once again good news, nobody injured in that two story house fire right there in takoma park. back to you. 6:19. arlington man tried twice for killing another man in hawaii will not serve anytime behind bars. a jury acquitted christopher didi of manslaughter charges.
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he was back hopping and sat a man billiullying another custom. he claimed he acted in self against. a judge declared a high school mistrial last year. neighbors in a montgomery county area are being thankeds as heros this morning. they rescued a person in a wheelchair from a burning house. a home on warfield road caught fire last night and neighbors helped two people and their pets get to safety. they were taken to the hospital. fire crews believe it may have started in the garage. reminder to slow down or face a fine. speed cameras could go up as early as today in college park. at least one will be placed on route 1 near the university of maryland capital pus. the plan is to have them up and running by the time students rush to campus. the stepped up enforcement is in an area where three pedestrians have been hit and ed


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